Card Mage: Omnibus is books 1 through 3 of the Card Mage series. We follow the adventures of Dax, a mage in training, as he and his friends endure the rigorous trials of an academy dedicated to creating champions. An epic fantasy tale of friendship, trials, new magic and averting a second apocalypse.

Card Mage: Academy Rebels
Dax has dreamed of becoming a mage and joining the Kinarth Academy of Champions. When he is accepted, he believes he has what it takes to be one of the best among a new wave of heroic champions.

The one thing he didn’t know about himself was his slow spell casting ability.

Ridiculed by his fellow champions, the new mage sees that he may not have what it takes to become a true champion. With the threat of losing his chance to further learn at the academy, Dax will discover a new kind of magic, one that will change the academy forever.

Card Mage: Phantom Campaign
Dax enters his second year of the famed Kinarth Academy. The mage soon begins to realize it takes more than magical abilities to be a true champion.

Dark secrets from his past begin to haunt him and his friends as he tries to wrestle with his studies and his new mystical card technique. The demands only escalate as many of the academy’s faculty hint at an exam that is far more dangerous than anything the mage and his friends have experienced before, passing or failing depending on their very survival.

Monsters, undead and shadowy enemies are just the beginning as something sinister pushes Dax and the Academy to the brink of collapse.

Card Mage: Silent Society
After the harrowing events of their previous year, Dax and his fellow students spend their summer trying to relax before returning for their third and final year at the Kinarth Academy of Champions. But, all is not as it seems. A creeping dread follows the mage and his friends as they try to return to a normal life. Dax finds himself trying to reconcile his card magic technique with the changing face and future of his world, while an unknown hunger tugs on his very sanity.

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Returning to the Academy, Dax and his friends must endure their final exam. A champion trial where students must pass in order to graduate. It is whispered among many students, the champion trial is a life or death exam and not everyone returns from it, mentally or physically.

Card Mage: Academy Rebels is for mature readers, 18 and up.

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