New House of Dolls GameLit Spinoff: Child of Chaos

I wanted to write a dark fantasy GameLit book about a superpowered military unit hunting zombie-like vampires.

This is that book.

I’m set to release three new series over the next 4 months. This is the start, and it’s something fresh as hell from the depths of my semi-depraved mind. Available on KU and fast-paced. Read today!

GameLit? YES.
Harem? NO (but related to House of Dolls, which is why I’m posting it)
Dark Fantasy? Turn out the lights, we’re getting weird. Wait, not in that way, but yes. YES.
Superpowers used in unconventional ways? You bet your ass.
Military Scifi? Yes, but not in a way you’ve read before.
Sex? I don’t know what that is. (Yes.)
Thriller territory? Yes. It’s moody-dark and zips along.
Badass MC? Yes. He has the power to manipulate his bones and cooks a mean MRE.
What about the supporting character? Just wait until you meet Amethyst.
Audio? Yes. Narrated by Neil Hellegers and out October 22 from Tantor Media.

Should I read it? YES, dammit. If you haven’t picked up something from me in a while, or have never sampled the nectar-like fickered madness that is Harmon Cooper, do yourself a solid.

(House of Dolls readers: Margo and Orange play roles in this novel. Child of Chaos takes place 10 years before House of Dolls. House of Dolls 4 will be out by October.)

Harmon Cooper

What if I told you they weren’t real? That Amethyst and I didn’t have to hunt them? That everything would be okay?

Who am I anyway? Just because I’m part of the Protectorate, a superpowered military unit raised from childhood by the State, doesn’t make me any different from you.

But these things? These things we’re hunting? These things are different. 

They’re not like you and me. They can devour you and me, turn us into something we wouldn’t wish upon our worst enemies.

And if you don’t let me do my goddamn job, our country will never be the same again. 

Reader discretion is advised: Child of Chaos is dark fantasy turned up a notch. It contains adult themes, extreme violence, colorful language, and intense scenes. 

For those that like military sci-fi, post-apocalyptic GameLit and dystopian thrillers, or simply the idea of using superpowers to hunt vampires in a war-torn city, this one will hit hard.

House of Dolls readers will find some surprises and revelations here as well.

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