The war is in full swing. Following the unprecedented outcome of the siege at Fort Yimin, both the Republic and the Empire are forced to drastically reevaluate their plans for the conflict. With matters on the western front more or less settled for the moment, the warring nations turn their attention toward the eastern theatre. Winter looms on the horizon, threatening to deadlock the region and put a temporary halt to hostilities. With both sides planning to deploy bold and unconventional strategies on top of committing vast resources, it’s anyone’s guess which of them will come out on top.

Indeed, neither government is shying away from resorting to underhanded, questionable, or downright amoral means. The Gilded Hand has been stepping up their efforts to further Spymaster Edward Allen’s schemes. The Empire’s intelligence agency is also looking to field its most powerful enforcers in the coming battles. The Republic’s Foreign Intelligence Bureau is having a hard time keeping up, but they are not without their own dirty tricks. Rumors within the royal palace of the Horkensaft Kingdom to the east suggest that the dwarves and gnomes are on the verge of aiding the elven nation. Something that wouldn’t have been made possible without the Republic’s deep coffers, and the less-than-reputable individuals that fill them.

Boxxy T. Morningwood isn’t one of those shady contributors. If anything, it’s been steadily draining the government’s resources as it forces them to pay exorbitant fees to resolve issues that the monster itself creates. A trend it plans to keep following for as long as it can lie, cheat, and murder its way through life.

Which, barring something ridiculous like divine intervention, is poised to be a very long time indeed.

Content warning: Profanity, gore, violence, explicit adult content.

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