Jon had a simple and solitary life as a dock inspector in the city of Southvale. That was until a ship with elves arrived.

Now, he must contend with a group of beautiful elves that have no idea how to say no or behave in his world. They take what they want, drink what they want and party how they want.

When Jon discovers they are pirates, his life will be turned into a maelstrom of action, intrigue, romance and seaside humor from which none of them can steer away.

My Girlfriends are Pirate Elves! is a fun sexy story of a nautical nature. It contains humor, outlandish adventure, lewd acts, everyday life, some cursing, cotton candy, pointed ears, magical pistols, sharp teeth, a witch and there might be a giant monster somewhere in there. This story is for mature readers, 18 and up. Avast! There be elves in these waters!

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