WARNING: Explicit sexual content and depictions of fantasy violenceLiam Elloway is the survivor of a terrible accident, but when he gets swept up into the world of the occult and enrolled at a strange academy for practitioners of dark magic, things get really interesting really quickly. As the first necromancer enrolled at the school in years, and the only harem mage known to exist in centuries, all eyes are on Liam as he begins to discover his destiny. But can his sneering headmistress be trusted? And between the gorgeous celestial girl, the raven-haired vampire, and the pink-haired, red-horned demoness, who will be dubbed “best girl”?

Pick up this novel to find out! Don’t forget to check back at Virgil Knightley’s author page on the 14th and 28th every month for more content!

FINAL WARNING: Due to the adult content, readers under 18 should be prohibited from picking up this book.

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