Battle the enemy.
Build a kingdom.
Bed every babe.

The epic action continues here in book 2 of King Sekton’s Harem Planet!

Nerdy Caltech graduate, diehard gamer, and robotics engineer Tim Pittwell has finally arrived on Zalaxia, better known throughout the universe as Harem Planet, where every Zalaxian woman is a supermodel and the king’s concubine. The law of Zalaxia states the only man allowed to enjoy the intimate company of any Zalaxian babe is their king, who it turns out, is now Tim Pittwell.

Tim may have the king’s True Ring in his possession, but the mutant alien space pirates of Baron Crewd von Bludlust are not far behind. Like most men in the universe, Crewd wants the Zalaxian throne and harem for himself.

No surprise, Tim will stop at nothing to defend his harem and keep them safe. He’ll use every trick in his gamer’s playbook, and every tool in his engineering toolkit, to get the job done.

As long as none of Tim’s concubines assassinate him when his back is turned or his eyes are closed in ecstasy, he should be fine…

* Harem Assassins is a portal fantasy, a space opera, and has a heavy emphasis on knuckle-busting action, high-tech crafting, continuous leveling up, and insane power progression.

* * King Sekton’s Harem Planet the series features fort building, kingdom building, large scale planetary warfare, intergalactic political gamesmanship, strategic economic battles, crazy alien races, and more space opera splendor than your wildest dreams can conjure up.

* * * If you mashup Star Wars, Star Trek, He-Man & the Masters of the Universe, and Thundercats, bolt on some Tokusatsu and Kaiju action, throw in a little Mobile Suit Gundam mayhem, some Transformers, some Robotech, load up enough gratuitous military and science tech to make Tom Clancy, Robert Heinlein, and Isaac Asimov smile, you’ll get King Sekton’s Harem Planet.

Oh, and did I mention babes?
I did. I also said monster babes.
Every. Single. One.
It’s the law.

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