His only wish is to bring comfort to all, but others recognize him for the pain his healing hands once caused.

Ryker Hayes is a licensed massage therapist, and a damn good one at that. It’s a career he’s passionate about, and all his plans for life are on track—until he winds up transported to the world of Werifesteria in the body of an infamous warlord, at least.

Now all he really wants to do is forget the misdeeds of his alter ego and retire to a life of anonymity with a pair of gorgeous monster girls. Together they open the very first massage inn and spa in all the land and take on all the responsibilities that come with it. Turns out, it’s a lot of work!

To reach his potential, he’ll have to come to grips with the secrets of this mysterious world and the way its magic system functions. Can he find peace in the borderlands? Can he turn his Mastery of the Threads of Power into a fulfilling career as a masseur to the denizens of this fantasy world? And last, but certainly not least, how will he manage the affections of the women who’ve fallen for him? (85,000 words/300 pages)

NOTICEMonster Masseur is a romantic slice of life isekai tale with low stakes and lovely ladies. There is no impending doom, no evil dark lord—just a man, three gorgeous women, and a lot of good vibes. And yes, there is some content only suitable for distinguished adults over the age of 18.

ABOUT THE THEME: This book reiterates multiple times that the career of masseur is not to be fetishized or disrespected. It is a professional, viable career, and the author hopes that people can see this book for what it is as a lighthearted work of fantasy. The only adult situations regarding massage that the MC ends up in are with romantic partners, and NOT for money. There is no assault of a massage therapist in this book, and certainly no assault FROM the therapist to a client.

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