Joshua King just released his latest series, Space Cowboy! It looks like this one is a space western harem, which you don’t see too often. Check it out.

The galaxy has been settled for years and many think there’s nothing left to explore. 

Bounty hunter Holter has his eyes on Wild Space, the expanse beyond the colonized regions of government owned worlds where unexplored planets and strange creatures are the stuff of myths and legends. 

There are tales of a place known as Vihm–a long world somewhere in the distant recesses of the unknown. Many have tried to find it, but none have returned. 

Holter isn’t after Vihm, but the Scavenger is, and Holter aims to capture him. Some might call it a suicide mission, but Holter has business with the most wanted man in the galaxy, and he’ll follow him to the ends of the universe. 

Warning: this book contains adult situations, violence, and a harem.

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