Got a new harem GameLit book to share? Maybe a countdown deal, a limited-time freebie or a special promotion? Get on the top-listed site on the Google search results pages for most of the terms readers look for! Pay using the button below, then send us a high-resolution cover picture and the book links at

Why should I buy a listing?

  • Long-term promotion. Haremgamelitbooks has the best SEO right now. Your listing shows up in multiple keyword searches alongside relevant authors at the top of the Google results.
  • Traffic is mainly US, UK, CAN, meaning quality viewers that are actively browsing for books to read in the haremlit genre.
  • Trickles indefinitely. Your listing stays there and keeps on finding readers for a long time. Our users browse the site constantly, averaging 14 pages each.
  • Genre-specific. Our readers are looking for haremlit to read and listen to. That means actual people that want to enjoy your book, better reviews and word-of-mouth if your story resonates with them.
  • Full-price sales. While you can promote a freebie or a sale, the readers are happy to pay full price for the genre fiction they like.
  • Relevant also-boughts. It’s not uncommon for a reader to go to Amazon and bulk buy 10 haremlit books that he’s seen on our site. That event not only gives you a sale, but also trains the algorithm to show your books to the right readers.

Again, you’ll need:

  • 1 paid listing is $14.99 (Laser Targetted) or $49.99 (Shotgun) paid through Paypal using the button below or in Bitcoin.
  • High-res cover.
  • Link to purchase (Amazon or other bookstores, no shortlinks).
  • Send to

Laser-targetted promotion.

  • High-res ad post on (cross-promoted, also trickles indefinitely.)
  • Email blast sent to 200+ laser-targetted haremlit readers.
  • Posted on the Facebook page as a story and on the Facebook shop. You also get the Facebook cover for 30 days if there’s no overlap.
  • Posted on the Goodreads group. This links your book in the ‘talked about’ sections and helps the recommendation engine find your readers. Sent as a group message to the members.
  • Posted on the Discord server.
  • Costs $14.99

Bitcoin address:


Lightning payment link

Shotgun promotion

  • All of the above plus a newsletter blast on a speculative fiction promo list of 7000 readers (Mythography Offers).
  • Costs $49.99

Bitcoin address:


Lightning payment link

Inclusion in the Free Starting Library

Add your book in the free starting library, the reward readers get for joining the mailing list. Contact us at


  • Harem GameLit Book that is a series starter. No standalone books will be accepted. Series needs to have >=2 books published.
  • We need a high-res version of the cover and a download link. Best service for the download is Bookfunnel. You can also use Storyorigin for a free alternative. You’re in charge of the link and making sure it’s active. We will not host any book files other than the cover.
  • Purchase of this option is $99 and lasts for 1 year.


  • Your giveaway goes to actual haremlit readers. As with any loss leader, it’s best to have a funnel so they can carry on reading. Our readers are voracious and they will hunt down other books if they like your free snack.
  • Maximum impressions. Everyone checks out the free starting library, even if they don’t end up reading it. Everyone.
  • Long-term promotion. As with our other methods, this is yet another long-term strategy that trickles in readers.

Bitcoin address:


Multiple books are acceptable, but you should contact us first. Use the link to send other amounts.

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Can I submit a special promo or does it have to be a new release?

You can do whatever you want, special promo, Countdown Deal, free days, giveaways, anything.

Can I promote other stuff like Kickstarters etc?

Yes! In fact we’ve done just that before. You can always ask.

Can I submit my book without paying?

Of course. But it will go at the far end of the queue, and it’s a long one.

Can I submit other stuff than haremlit?

No. Reverse harem is okay. Plain harem is okay too, our readers would enjoy that. But other genres are not suitable.

You have a low-res shitty cover for my book. Can I send you a better file to replace it?

Of course! In fact, you really should make sure we have your best cover image on hand. Our site is the top listing at a bazillion haremlit google searches and on the image search, hoo-boy… Dominating. If you send us your nice cover we’ll update it and it will show up more, leading to more readers. Just email it to us.

What is the total advertising reach? Will I get sales?

This isn’t Bookbub, and there are no guaranteed sales. What we can guarantee is that a small number of actual haremlit readers will get to see your book. If they go on to buy, and then enjoy, and then tell their friends, well, that’s up to you.