Got a new harem GameLit book to share? Maybe a countdown deal, a limited-time freebie or a special promotion? Get on the top-listed site on the Google search results pages for most of the terms readers look for! Pay using the button below, then send us a high-resolution cover picture and the book links at

Again, you’ll need:

  • 1 paid listing is $14.99 (Laser Targetted) or $49.99 (Shotgun) paid through Paypal using the button below.
  • High-res cover.
  • Link to purchase (Amazon, no shortlinks).
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Laser-targetted promotion.

  • High-res ad post on (cross-promoted, also trickles indefinitely.)
  • Email blast sent to 100+ laser-targetted haremlit readers.
  • Posted on the Facebook page as a story.
  • Posted on the Goodreads group.
  • Costs $14.99

Shotgun promotion

  • All of the above plus a newsletter blast on a speculative fiction promo list of 7000 readers (Mythography Offers).
  • Costs $49.99

Audiobook Listing for Free Code Giveaway

Add your harem audiobook to the code giveaway system. All codes are acceptable, Audible US or UK and Findaway Voices. We’ll need the csv file with the review codes to upload. Send the square audiobook cover and the csv files to

  • Costs $49.99 (One listing, one title, infinite code refill)

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