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Again, you’ll need:

  • 1 paid listing is $14.99 (Laser Targetted) or $49.99 (Shotgun) paid through Paypal using the button below.
  • High-res cover.
  • Link to purchase (Amazon or other bookstores, no shortlinks).
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Laser-targetted promotion.

  • High-res ad post on (cross-promoted, also trickles indefinitely.)
  • Email blast sent to 180+ laser-targetted haremlit readers.
  • Posted on the Facebook page as a story. You also get the Facebook cover for 30 days if there’s no overlap.
  • Posted on the Goodreads group. This links your book in the ‘talked about’ sections and helps the recommendation engine find your readers.
  • Costs $14.99

Shotgun promotion

  • All of the above plus a newsletter blast on a speculative fiction promo list of 7000 readers (Mythography Offers).
  • Costs $49.99

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