Supers – Ex Heroes: A Gamelit Space Opera

Super powers.
Super harem.
Super awesome.

Contains Adult Content. Seriously. A lot. 

Who in their right mind tells both his lawyer and the judge presiding over his murder trial, “F–k you!” while still in the courtroom? No one, right? Yeah, you’d be wrong about that. I did. 

You’d say the same thing if you were just found guilty of a murder you didn’t commit, though. Call me crazy for going off like that in court, but trust me, you don’t know crazy until you see what happened next.

I never believed in superheroes. I certainly didn’t believe that I’d become one, or that strategically forming a harem of hot chicas and getting down with them to unlock my superpowers would be the key to my survival. 

Did I say my survival? I meant the universe’s. No, really… that’s exactly what happened when I was taken to a galaxy of supers, thrown into a prison ship full of villains, and told it was up to me to stop them all.

Read on, friend, because it gets a whole hell of a lot crazier from here.

WARNING: This book contains violence and many sexual situations, a harem, heads exploding, and ample blood. You might cringe, you will laugh, and hell, you might even cry. All of that is on purpose, I assure you. Second Edition for even better ball jokes.

Grab the sequels and audiobook, including SUPERS: EX GODS, the spinoff series.

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Read on

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