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New Harem Audiobook Release: Wyvern Academy – Path of Ascension 1

When treading the path of ascension, you’d better watch your step. After incursions of demons from another plane of existence changed the course of history, humanity learned one undeniable truth: traditional weapons wouldn’t cut it. Those strong enough to resist… Continue Reading →

Harem GameLit Highlight: WIEDERGEBURT: Legend of the Reincarnated Warrior: Volume 2

A CHANCE TO START OVER… Eryk’s dreams continue to show him visions of his past. This time, it is about when he and Kari were forced into the Endless Desert, a harsh and arid land where the strong rule the… Continue Reading →

Harem GameLit Highlight: Ninja Academy

NEW BOOK: Immortal Ninja Academy: Demon Hunting 101. In a nutshell, if you took Naruto, Demon Slayer, and Harry Potter, then combined them all together, you would get Immortal Ninja Academy. I wanted to push the boundaries of the harem… Continue Reading →

Harem GameLit Highlight: Immortal Swordslinger 4

Ethan Murphy lo Pashat has returned to Radiant Dragon, and everything seems normal until a mysterious monastery appears in Flametongue Valley. Guildmaster Xilarion sends Ethan and his friends to the monastery for a new kind of training that will unlock… Continue Reading →

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