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Harem GameLit Highlight: Tamer: King of Dinosaurs 6

Control dinosaurs.Tame women.Rule the world. It’s here! The latest installment in the Tamer series is available for general purchase. Victor, the self proclaimed King of Dinosaurland, has successfully fought off the first ambush attack from the distant enemy tribe and… Continue Reading →

Harem Hexalogy Complete: The Elven Trinity

Night Queen (Elven-Trinity Book 6) The time to confront the evil elf is at hand. Magic runs rampant, and justice will have its day.  Elves are stepping back into the spotlight, not taking any hell from anyone. Magic flows as… Continue Reading →

Harem GameLit Highlight: Without Law 6

With the rest of the world in shambles, Tav, his women, and their growing community are surviving. Against all odds and much opposition, they have managed to create some order amidst the chaos. But Winter is coming, and the threat… Continue Reading →

New Harem Audiobook Release: Summoner 6

Free from the Shadowscape, Gryff returns to the world only to find two months have passed him by, but it’s nothing compared to what’s in store for him next. Gryff has his hands full between Enclaves falling, undead bounty hunters… Continue Reading →

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