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Harem GameLit Highlight: Light Lordy 3

Leon has saved the virtual world from both the demon lord and now the Lich King. Every foe he comes across should probably surrender immediately, since he couldn’t get more OP if he tried. Although somehow, he still does and… Continue Reading →

Harem GameLit Highlight:Light Lordy 2

The second book of my Light Lordy series is out. Has a bit of Light LitRPG, MC somehow gets even more OP and humor is ramped up! Pretty sure my sanity is questionable after writing this one but hope you… Continue Reading →

Harem GameLit Highlight: Light Lordy

All Leon wanted to do was read manga and appreciate the art of scantily clad ladies. Then all of a sudden, a new life is thrust upon him in a fantasy world of monsters, adventurers and busty women. With some… Continue Reading →

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