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New Harem Audiobook Release: For the Love of Elves (World Walker, Book 1)

Elves are the undisputed masters of the world. Sun Elf Kings rule with impunity. Moon Elf squires and servants are their right hands. Sea and Forest Elves roam the wilds, both protecting the lesser races while keeping them properly in… Continue Reading →

Harem GameLit Audiobook Highlight: Unwilling to Back Down

A dystopic action-adventure novel!   Kyle has evolved from the person he once was, but his purpose remains the same: to find himself in a world that seems ready to chew him up and spit him out.  There are people who… Continue Reading →

Harem GameLit Audiobook Highlight: A Staff of True Magic (Relic Diver Book 2)

Zahn believed that magic existed. He even knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that leftover relics of magic existed in the world. He owned a few, after all. But he always considered himself a rational sort of guy. When… Continue Reading →

Harem GameLit Audiobook Highlight: The Cost of Being Special

A dystopic action-adventure novel! Kyle is directionless, languishing in a local community college trying to figure out what to do with his life. All around him, the world is getting stranger. A virus has rendered most of the male population… Continue Reading →

Harem GameLit Audiobook Highlight: Finding Real Magic

Zahn’s life has been anything but ordinary. While hunting archaic relics infused with magic from continent to continent, his latest search brings him to Hollywood, and then face-to-face with a movie star he has idolized for years. Until now, he… Continue Reading →

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