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Free Harem Prequel Story: Charm School Outcasts: A Superheroes Academy Adventure (Ex Heroes Book 0)

I wasn’t always this adorable, badass superhero you see before you. Well, I was, but there was a shady side to me, a part of my past I don’t like to talk about. And that’s what led me to Supralines,… Continue Reading →

New Audiobook Release: Ex Heroes 3

Leveling up and maximizing my skill trees, enemies cower, and my ladies want me even in the heat of battle. Good thing getting down with them unlocks my powers in ways previously incomprehensible, or we might never have stood a… Continue Reading →

New Release: Supers – Ex Heroes 5: A Gamelit Space Adventure Harem

My team of supers have proven themselves, taken down enemies greater than I could have ever imagined, and formed powerful allies.  But now it’s time to meet back up with old friends and family, to take the battle to new… Continue Reading →

Audiobook: Supers Ex Heroes 2

It’s alive! Ex Heroes 2 is in Audiobook on Audible and Amazon.  Thanks to the “Soundbooth Burlesque” team! Yes, you read that right  Soundbooth Burlesque presents the second installment of the raunchy and action-packed super space epic, Supers: Ex Heroes!… Continue Reading →

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