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Harem Audiobook Re-recording: Monster Empire

Step 1 – Find beautiful monster girlStep 2 – Bed beautiful monster girlStep 3 – Make half-monster-half-human child that has magical abilities with beautiful monster girlStep 4 – Go to Step 1 with different monster girl until an unstoppable horde… Continue Reading →

Harem GameLit Audiobook Highlight: Dragon Slayer 2

Chicago firefighter Ethan DePaolo saved the kingdom of Whitespire from the dragons of fire and frost, but when word of an approaching horde controlled by both a blue and green dragon reaches them, the dragon slayer knows that Whitespire will… Continue Reading →

Harem GameLit Audiobook Highlight: Dragon Slayer 1

Chicago firefighter Ethan DePaolo expected to die when a flaming building collapsed on him during a rescue. Instead, he was teleported away by the watchful god of a fantasy world and asked to be a hero once more. Armed with… Continue Reading →

Free Harem Download: Rise of the Shadow Rogue

Betrayal cuts deepest when someone you love wields the knife. For Kellik, a once-rising star of Port Gloom’s guild of thieves, it also leaves him floating in the bay, bleeding out and without hope or allies. Saved by an urchin… Continue Reading →

Harem GameLit Free Download for a Limited Time: Tushy Reaper

Dead Gorgeous When a professional dronehunter dies from an electrocution accident, he meets his Reaper face to face. Turns out she’s quite cute, inexperienced and has a magnificent tushy. To both their surprise he doesn’t really die that day, so… Continue Reading →

Free Harem GameLit Short: Cyber Girls: Influencer 1

Cyber Girls: Influencer When her follow count drops dramatically, a cyborg influencer stumbles on an offer for a new and unique gimmick and decides to go for it. But will she manage to get the prosthetic, when it costs much… Continue Reading →

Free Audiobook Download: Wive’s Tales

It seems you can legally download the short stories on Audfans. Just login and enjoy. https://audfans.com/book/wives-tales-roxy-jolene-valens-legacy-short-stories-book-1 Wives Tales: Roxy & Jolene (Valens Legacy Short Stories, Book 1) Written by: Jan Stryvant Narrated by: Leland King Category : Mysteries & Thrillers,Supernatural & Paranormal Each… Continue Reading →

Fast Grab: Supers Ex Heroes for Free

From Jamie Hawke: FREE TODAY ! To celebrate Ex Heroes 6 coming SOON (I think it’ll be in a day or two) (And book 2 is only $0.99 today)

Free For a Limited Time: Cyberpunk Harem Boxset

Blood Runs Pink Rollerball meets GLOW in this bloody mess of a sport story. Contains 2 books: Pickle Pie Cherry Pie Pickle Pie: When a bankrupt armourer ends up owning a second-rate jugger player, he decides to go for it. But will he manage… Continue Reading →

Free For a Limited Time: 7 Deadly Roommates

When Horace gets fired from his dead-end job, an unexpected lady gives him the courage to stand up for himself. But will he manage to get his life back in order when 7 strange women suddenly burst into his life… Continue Reading →

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