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Free For a Limited Time: Pickle Pie

Tickle My Pickle Rollerball meets GLOW in this bloody mess of a sport story. When a bankrupt armourer ends up owning a second-rate jugger player, he decides to go for it. But will he manage to even turn a profit, when he knows… Continue Reading →

New Harem GameLit Release: Tushy Reaper

Dead Gorgeous When a professional dronehunter dies from an electrocution accident, he meets his Reaper face to face. Turns out she’s quite cute, inexperienced and has a magnificent tushy. To both their surprise he doesn’t really die that day, so… Continue Reading →

Grab Your Subscription On Prime Day and Binge on Harem GameLit

Many of the titles in this genre are available on Kindle Unlimited and on Audible. If you haven’t got one already, grab your subscription from these links: Click here to see the Prime Deals page on Amazon. Find the Audible and the Kindle… Continue Reading →

Free For a Limited Time: 7 Deadly Roommates

When Horace gets fired from his dead-end job, an unexpected lady gives him the courage to stand up for himself. But will he manage to get his life back in order when 7 strange women suddenly burst into his life… Continue Reading →

Binge on These 8 New Harem GameLit Releases

Raid Slayer: A LITRPG Fantasy Adventure Book 3 Zack has his work cut out for him. Chaos has been unleashed upon the Underworld and Zack and his female companions must fight for their lives and their digital home. With enemies… Continue Reading →

New Harem GameLit Release: Succubus Lord 6

It’s time Jacob to destroy Azazel once and for all and rescue the last succubus sister from the demon lord’s clutches. But mortals aren’t allowed in Hell, so Jacob and his harem of beautiful succubi must find a way to… Continue Reading →

New Release: Beastress Inferno

A War of Magic. A Legend of Three Elves. Darkness Unleashed.  The dark one has risen, and all hell is threatening to explode upon us. But hope is not lost, as the Elven-Trinity has been restored.  Not only have I… Continue Reading →

Free Harem GameLit for 5 Days: Pie Box 1

Blood Runs Pink Rollerball meets GLOW in this bloody mess of a sport story. Contains 2 books:Pickle PieCherry Pie Pickle Pie: When a bankrupt armourer ends up owning a second-rate jugger player, he decides to go for it. But will… Continue Reading →

3 New Harem GameLit Releases

Future Reshaped: A Post-Apocalyptic Harem (Future Reborn Book 3) Jack Bowman never leaves a job unfinished. When Jack and the girls discover a cache of cutting edge technology, he– and his women– will use it to explore the grim landscape… Continue Reading →

Succubus Lord 3

Disclaimer #1- This series is about a guy that summons a harem of hot succubus women and then battles demon lords to save the world. Disclaimer #2- It’s way raunchier than my other novels. You’ll probably love it. Disclaimer #3-… Continue Reading →

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