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New Harem GameLit Release: Divine Collector: A Progression Fantasy Harem Series

Today, he has nothing.Tomorrow, he’ll have power beyond reckoning. When a powerful mage slew his parents, Pryvet had nothing left but revenge. Now, a desperate wager with a distant goddess is his only path to vengeance. He’ll risk everything for… Continue Reading →

New Harem GameLit Preorder: Wardruid

When life in his family grove becomes too boring to bear, a young druid decides to explore the exciting world of humans. But will he manage to stay away from his immortal home, when his betrothed is waiting back there… Continue Reading →

Harem GameLit Highlight: Card Mage: Silent Society

Can Dax and the Heroes of Kinarth survive their final year at the Academy? After the harrowing events of their previous year, Dax and his fellow students spend their summer trying to relax before returning for their third and final… Continue Reading →

Harem GameLit Highlight: Way of the Immortals 3

In search of Hugo and a reincarnated monk, Nick Barnette and company make their way to the Island Kingdom of Jonang. At least that’s the plan. Their ship is attacked, leading to an epic fight that separates Nick’s party. Things… Continue Reading →

Harem Box Set for a Limited Time: Myth Protector Plus a Short Story

Boxset plus new bonus short. (The short is with the side character Chris, as he goes into the witch coven) Jamie Hawke

Harem GameLit Highlight: Lord of the Deep

Navy SEALS 1. Mysterious underwater creatures, zero. What was supposed to be an easy mission to the Bermuda Triangle for Navy SEAL Akers Marks turns into a fight for his life when he’s ambushed by mysterious creatures. Teaming up with… Continue Reading →

New Harem Audiobook Release: Ghost of Gods

To kill the gods, I must lay with the goddesses.  After my time in the army and then finding myself in the mountains of Tibet, I was ready to lay low, to relax. It was time to go home.  Or… Continue Reading →

New Harem GameLit Release: Carnival of the Soul (Celestine Chronicles Book 4)

It is the mettle to proceed that matters … The Labyrinth behind him, Terry and company arrive on the Eastern Steppes in the midst of a carnival, and a fateful decision puts him under a dire curse. Stripped of his… Continue Reading →

New Audiobook Release: Dark Legends

The fairy tale Protector has teamed up with Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf, Pucky, and the Swan Princess. Who’s next? Morganna and Arthur have returned – and Morganna’s lust for power leads my fairy tale ladies and me… Continue Reading →

New Harem Release: Life Bonds (Sequel to Morrigan’s Bidding)

Sean discovered that words do indeed have power, and Agreements are binding in this world, where the Queens of the Fey rule. Fleeing the burning village of Oakwood, with Feline Moonbound pursuing them, Sean, Fiona Mithrilsoul, and Myna Mooncaller will… Continue Reading →

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