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Binge on An Elven Pirate Lord Audiobooks: Origins of a Pirate Lord

Marooned in a strange land. Rescued by a sexy wood elf and her forest friends. Wes has a perilous journey in front of him to reclaim his home, his honor, and his future. In a world where political corruption is… Continue Reading →

New Harem Audiobook Release: Wyvern Academy – Path of Ascension 1

When treading the path of ascension, you’d better watch your step. After incursions of demons from another plane of existence changed the course of history, humanity learned one undeniable truth: traditional weapons wouldn’t cut it. Those strong enough to resist… Continue Reading →

New Harem Audiobook Release: Descend – First Steps, Book 1

Boredom was killing Jay, not in a dramatic way, but in the life of stifled potential way. He wanted more out of life. Then, without any warning, he found himself part of an experiment with not even so much as… Continue Reading →

New Harem Audiobook Release: Minotaur’s Maze of Monster Girls 2

The action ramps up with Dean struggling to defeat the Minotaur’s Maze. Team Core will push him to a new level, and that blasted Thero plots in the shadows.  Join Dean and Team Ola as they strive to save Planet… Continue Reading →

New Harem Audiobook Release: Monster Girl in My Closet: Master of the Monsterverse

Some people have nightmares of finding a monster in their closet, but how many fantasize about it?  If you fall into the latter category, you get me. There I was, simply working to program my visual novel and find my… Continue Reading →

New Harem Audiobook Release: Incubus Publisher’s Pack 1-2

Contains books one and two of Incubus, an urban harem fantasy series. Incubus 1 Anthony Amasius likes to pretend he’s nothing but a simple college student attending the Institution of Magical Sciences on Academy Island. The truth is that he’s… Continue Reading →

Harem GameLit Audiobook Highlight: WIEDERGEBURT: Legend of the Reincarnated Warrior volume 1

A chance to start over… At the end of his life, Eryk Veiger challenged his greatest enemy…and lost. Just when he thought death was going to claim him, he woke up in his old bedroom, in a city that had… Continue Reading →

Harem GameLit Audiobook Highlight: God of Magic 1

Gabriel would be the most powerful mage in the universe…if he were in the right universe. That’s why the goddess of luck has sent him into a fantasy world to help the last of her followers.  Now, he will use… Continue Reading →

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