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New Harem GameLit Release: Hamartia: A Monster Girl Harem Fantasy (Mountain King Saga Book 2)

Harem GameLit Highlight: Mixed Martial Cultivator: Round One

Mixed Martial Arts + Cultivation + Monster Girls = Oh My! John LeBrock is the greatest MMA fighter on Earth. He takes on all opponents and destroys them with ease. He is rich, good looking, and oozes with charisma. He… Continue Reading →

Harem Manga Highlight: American Kitsune 7

The PLOT thickens! Kevin Swift returns home with Orin in tow. The last member of the Four Saints has also made a surprise appearance! Yet even with the Four Saints back together, there are still numerous problems that look insurmountable…. Continue Reading →

Harem GameLit Highlight: WIEDERGEBURT: Legend of the Reincarnated Warrior: Volume 2

A CHANCE TO START OVER… Eryk’s dreams continue to show him visions of his past. This time, it is about when he and Kari were forced into the Endless Desert, a harsh and arid land where the strong rule the… Continue Reading →

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