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Get HaremLit Audiobooks With This Exclusive 99p Audible Membership!

Audible Spring Sale membership offer: 99p for 3 months membership! Get it now. I Wanna Grab the Audible Spring Sale for 99p. New customers signing up to Audible UK via this offer will pay £0.99 for 3 months, instead of… Continue Reading →

Narrator Highlight: Andrea Parsneau in Dan the Barbarian

Cut class. Kick ass. Save the frigging world. When college sophomore Dan Marshall’s life morphs into a hybrid of Penn State and a home-brew tabletop RPG adventure, he grabs his talking two-handed sword and hits campus, seeking gold, girls, and… Continue Reading →

New Harem Audiobook: Dan the Adventurer

Skip class. Kick ass. Save the frigging world. During Dan Marshall’s second year of college, the real world melded with a home-brew Towers & Trollsadventure. Dan got barbaric and battled giant spiders, an apocalyptic death cult, and an undead necromancer bent… Continue Reading →

New Audiobook: Fiasco Heights: The Complete Saga: A Superhero Harem Adventure, Books 1 and 2

Defeat supervillains, develop a harem, and save the universe. It’s all in a day’s work for Quincy Fletcher, a down-on-his luck security guard whose life is turned upside down after he accidentally kills one of the galaxy’s worst bad guys…. Continue Reading →

New Audiobook Release: Ex Heroes 3

Leveling up and maximizing my skill trees, enemies cower, and my ladies want me even in the heat of battle. Good thing getting down with them unlocks my powers in ways previously incomprehensible, or we might never have stood a… Continue Reading →

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