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William D. Arand Highlight: Monster’s Mercy

An existence spent being forced to kill others to satiate a Monster. Where the only thing to look forward to was the blessed, if brief, period of time between paying that bribe. Except that very same Monster is and isn’t… Continue Reading →

New Harem GameLit Release: Carnival of the Soul (Celestine Chronicles Book 4)

It is the mettle to proceed that matters … The Labyrinth behind him, Terry and company arrive on the Eastern Steppes in the midst of a carnival, and a fateful decision puts him under a dire curse. Stripped of his… Continue Reading →

New Harem GameLit Release: God of Magic 4

When the thief guilds all join forces to steal the treasure of the city, Gabriel and the Shadow Foxes face their toughest challenge yet. But throw in a powerful gorgon, the prying mage academy, and a berserker vigilante hafling, and…… Continue Reading →

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