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Harem GameLit Highlight: Incubus Hitman

Demons, ambition, and a whole bunch of murders. I’m not the bad guy. I’m just tired of being the low-status nobody everyone treats like shit, and I’ve finally found a way to even the score. But bonding with an ancient,… Continue Reading →

Harem GameLit Highlight: The Gentleman Incubus

Glenn Olson was kicking back, playing a session of Five Wars Online—his favorite VRMMORPG—when something happened and he woke up to find his synaptic implant fried. Next thing he knows, he’s starting to feel a weird hunger that won’t let… Continue Reading →

New Harem GameLit Release: Wraith King

Dead or Alive? Not a hard question, and pretty easy to figure out either way. Usually. Except I’ve somehow woken up in a place called Hell, and I’m not entirely sure I died first. I thought it was a practical… Continue Reading →

New Randi Darren Release: Incubus Inc.

((Minor Spoiler and Warning at the bottom of the blurb. Please read all the way through.)) Sameerixis, or Sam for those who actually know him, isn’t what you’d call normal. He’s a door-to-door salesman, of sorts. One that peddles wares,… Continue Reading →

Succubus Lord 3

Disclaimer #1- This series is about a guy that summons a harem of hot succubus women and then battles demon lords to save the world. Disclaimer #2- It’s way raunchier than my other novels. You’ll probably love it. Disclaimer #3-… Continue Reading →

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