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Harem Trilogy Complete: Chimera King 3: Rulers of Last World (A Harem LitRPG Adventure)

Cherish your Girls – Hold the Wall – Reforge the Land. Cade and his band of bodacious companions have forged a foothold in the world of Antinium. Now they must defend it. A dungeon, with seven levels of increasing difficulty,… Continue Reading →

Harem Series Complete: Cherry Blossom Girls 9

Don’t miss the grand finale of this best-selling superharem phenomenon! After what happened in Vermont, there was only one thing left to do. A great purge was in order, a fresh start for the Cherry Blossom Girls. No matter where… Continue Reading →

Harem Series Complete: Prayer of the Fallen: A Monster Girl Harem Fantasy (Celestine Chronicles Book 6)

“We are all monsters here …” Celestine is a land of beauty and horror where the heroic souls of men are tempted to fall from heights mere mortals were never meant to attain. Terrence Mack has managed to survive in… Continue Reading →

Harem GameLit Highlight: Logan and the Lackey’s Trilogy: Box Set Book 1-3 Full Series

Kyroo is a vast world to which many species call home. A mysterious curse rapidly sprawls forth every night as the twin moons vanish behind a curtain of eternal darkness. The unknown magic is raising demons from the depths of… Continue Reading →

Harem Trilogy Complete: Storms Rising: A Pirate LitRPG Adventure (Lost Pirates Book 3)

If any of you like pirates in your harem, I got you covered 😉 Also time travel and crafting. Jamie Hawke One man with a device to control time, a team of hot pirate ladies, and his gun. Will it… Continue Reading →

Harem GameLit Highlight: CYBER VIKING 4

Eric Yang and the Bastion Community are at a tipping point. Eric battles to clean up Earth while trying to rescue stragglers desperately surviving the apocalypse. Deep in the Universe’s core, two factions go to war. Eons of planning are… Continue Reading →

Harem Hexalogy Complete: The Elven Trinity

Night Queen (Elven-Trinity Book 6) The time to confront the evil elf is at hand. Magic runs rampant, and justice will have its day.  Elves are stepping back into the spotlight, not taking any hell from anyone. Magic flows as… Continue Reading →

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