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New Harem GameLit Release: El Finito 4, War Dames

My name is Locke, and if I had known how bad that spaceship joyride would go, I would have definitely recommended we all stay for the party. Instead, we’re lost in a forgotten region of space, unable to get home…. Continue Reading →

New Harem GameLit Release: El Finito Book 3: Dea Ex Machina

My name is Locke. Once, I was a delver and an explorer, venturing into the planet-wide ruins that cover my home planet, looking for the treasure and knowledge left behind after the Corporation Wars ravaged El Finito. But after receiving… Continue Reading →

New Harem Monster Girl Release: El Finito Book 1

One-hundred years ago, the corporations ruled El Finito. They turned the planet into a single, massive city, covered by their factories, research labs, boardrooms, and skyscrapers. Blinded by greed, they went to war. They utterly annihilated each other. Their shining… Continue Reading →

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