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New Harem Audiobook Release: Superhero Dad

I became a superhero to protect my son. Now the whole world needs me. Being a single dad is hard for anyone, but I managed to make it work. I always knew my six-year-old son, Jake, was a special little… Continue Reading →

New Harem Audiobook Release: Destiny’s Champions: Sigma Worlds, Book 1

Jason Morgan hates his life. Three years ago, a car accident landed him in a wheelchair. After two experimental surgeries, he still can’t walk. Now broke and living as a ward of the state, Jason wants nothing more than to… Continue Reading →

New Tess Irondale Audiobook Release: My Ninja Girl: Volume I

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Contains books one and two of My Ninja Girl for a single credit, an action-packed harem adventure series where cultivation and cyberpunk collide. My Ninja Girl, book one Killer nuns. With gatling guns. Micah Regent is a pre-med student in Neo-Hokkaido,… Continue Reading →

New Harem GameLit Release: Mark 2.0: Book 4: Love

It started when one man’s Virtual Assistant downloaded a sex game free-trial and dismembered the administrative ‘Helper Fairy’ for some surprise alone time with her Primary User. It continued when a powerful Research AI acquired what was left of the… Continue Reading →

Grab This HaremLit Box Set: Myths and Gargoyles

In a shared universe of the Myth Protector and Stone Cold Mage, Jamie Hawke brings you Myths and Gargoyles!Grab the 6-book collection of both completed series today! These books come together in the Masters of the Monsterverse stories, so be… Continue Reading →

Get HaremLit Audiobooks With This Exclusive 99p Audible Membership!

Audible Spring Sale membership offer: 99p for 3 months membership! Get it now. I Wanna Grab the Audible Spring Sale for 99p. New customers signing up to Audible UK via this offer will pay £0.99 for 3 months, instead of… Continue Reading →

Get HaremLit Art and Stories on the St. Patrick’s Sale

A pinup of Gorgocutie. I kept teasing her that St. Patrick will drive her snakes away. She got drunk during the shoot, but she’ll never admit it. As a special St. Patrick’s Day Promo you can get this picture on… Continue Reading →

New Harem GameLit Release: Monster Girl Collection Volume 2

The monster girl-filled action and magical battle adventure through the fantastical world of Mistrim continues! Self-proclaimed conqueror, Auroro, and his contracted guide, Rynissie, have hit the road. They have had a simple errand (read: most important task) entrusted to them… Continue Reading →

Collect This Waifu: Hawke’s Monster Girls

Enjoy the fun images from author Jamie Hawke! After working on Marvel and other games and traveling the world, Jamie Hawke decided to settle down and write fun, quirky, and sexy pulp science fiction and superhero books. You’ll find his… Continue Reading →

New Harem GameLit Release in Both Ebook and Audiobook: Emperor of Shadows: Shadow Rogue, Book 4

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