King’s Gate 2: A High Fantasy Harem

With new powers and new women, Alex Burke will fight his way across Ratonyia.

The Covenant has sent gifted killers against him, but he will not be stopped.

With an elf, a giant, and a demon, he’ll prove that killing him is going to be harder than his enemies ever imagined.

As his power grows, Alex will find the gods themselves are involved in his future– and his past.

Simple Things (The Valens Legacy Book 13)

Sean’s found himself trapped in the realm of the demons, and he’s also found a mystery there as well – a lioness. How and why she’s there, and if she’ll help him, he doesn’t know yet. But if anyone knows the lay of the land, the demons, and how to get out of there, he figures it would have to be her.

Back home, Adam is doing his best to fit in and not make too many mistakes. At least he heals fast so no one notices the bruised shins from being kicked by Roxy all the time. The war however is already starting to heat up, even without the main gateway being open. Apparently Sean’s actions are having an effect, and not necessarily a good one.

But people are pulling together and everyone is starting to discover just how high the stakes really are.

WARNING: “Simple Things” contains explicit sexuality, nudity, violence, bad language, robbery, con men, murder, theft of military supplies, blitzkriegs, demons doing nasty things, self-defense, pro-active self-defense, destruction of public property, an ancient being, polyamory, explicit sex, group sex, mayhem, more demons, people who aim to misbehave, gratuitous sex and violence, and a Senior Chief who thought he found the perfect place to hide while he made his thirty until some brash LT dragged him out and made him go back to work – the nerve of these kids!

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Arena Book 2

My fellow Americans, we are here for one reason: the fact that I picked Marc Havak to represent us in the crucible of carnage. Now, before we talk about how fantastic I am at making world leader decisions. Let’s talk about how great this sequel is.

I’ve read many sequels, and all were bad. Very very bad. But this one? It’s the best. And not just because I’m in it. No. Well, yes. I’m in it, and I always do a fantastic job with everything. But it’s also because Marc kicks a ton more alien ass, bangs a ton more alien babes, and generally shows the universe why Americans are the ones who always save the world.