Hate your job. Win a superpower. Save your friend.

Roman Martin is a normal guy with an incredible superpower who has surrounded himself with an assortment of oddities, from killer animated dolls to deadly spies.

He still has the desire to do something good with his newfound power, but a reformed office worker with a dark past might not have what it takes to become a superhero, especially in Centralia, a privileged country where those with powers are separated from those without.

Even worse, Roman has to keep his superpower a secret, which is increasingly difficult after a bounty has been placed on his head, his workplace is attacked, and someone close to him has turned up missing.

With his past catching up to him, and his future murky at best, Roman heads to the Eastern Province alongside the Eastern spy known as Nadine, both of them looking into the disappearance of an entire class of people.

What Roman discovers could send shock waves through all of Centralia, if he makes it out alive. 

Warning: House of Dolls contains a harem, toxic cat girls, superpowers used in ways they weren’t intended to be used, cosplay, fantasy violence, necromancy, dark themes, and other trigger-worthy adult situations. It was inspired by Office Space, the anime High School DxD, Drew Hayes’ Super Powereds, and The Americans.

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