The stakes are even higher as Aron Stone continues his quest to claim victory in Conquer and free those who have been oppressed for years.

After climbing the Conquer leaderboard by killing monsters and defeating his enemies, Aron Stone turns his eye toward the top competitors: Lady Brie of Blackhelm and the notorious rapist, Har Night. The only problem: King u’Moab and his wizard, Dromeus, are hell-bent on destroying Aron before he can further grow his power.

If Aron is to truly conquer, he must look evil in the eye and spit directly in its face.

Disclaimer: This book has medieval cursing including shite and arse, sex with tavern wenches, drunken dwarves, creatures that want to eat your head off, sex with multiple women on multiple occasions, dark-magic wielding magicians, and more sex with various races including faeries, elves and others of the author’s invention. The novel is not meant for people under the age of 18.

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