It’s harem versus harem in the most spectacular combat sport you’ve ever seen!

In a world where the number one spectator sport is the Monstergirl Battles League – a series of exciting events where trainers with harems of exotic, superpowered monstergirls compete – a new rivalry is about to be born.

Shiro Blake is the top ranking monstergirl trainer going into the regional heats in sports-mad Solejoa City. For the past two years, he’s failed to make it through this qualifying tournament for the MBL through sheer bad luck, but both he and his team of monstergirls are sure this will be their year. That is, until the city’s monstergirl scene is shaken by the news that a new celebrity contender will be entering the tournament. A man with a bigger harem, rarer monstergirls, legions of fans, and more resources to fund his training than Shiro could ever dream of. Worse still, this man has named Shiro as his rival, bringing more attention, and more pressure, to the Solejoa City tournament than anybody was prepared for.

Torsten Kruse is that man. The current reigning heavyweight champion in the Human One-on-one Fighting League, Torsten owes his success as a mixed martial artist to his unusual approach to training – pitting himself against his specially chosen harem of monstergirls at his secluded gym. But his true goal was always to eventually hang up his gloves and move to the real big money sport – monstergirl training. After winning his last title fight, Torsten announces to the world that he’s taking his monstergirls to the MBL, and vows he’ll bring the trophy back to Solejoa City. Famous or not, though, Torsten is still a rookie when it comes to monstergirl battles, and if he wants to be the MBL champion, he first has to qualify through the regional heats – and that means beating the unnervingly strategic and resourceful Shiro Blake.

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With a cast of exotic, sexy and outrageous monstergirls including fairies, selkies, lamias, harpies, shapeshifters, angels, giants, plant girls, vampires, ogres, and many more, this is a steamy harem battle novel unlike anything else!

Monstergirl Battles League is set in the same world as Natalie Hunter’s harem series Monstergirl Trainer, and includes many of the monstergirl species featured in those stories. However, Monstergirl Battles League takes place before the start of Monstergirl Trainer, and has all new characters, so you don’t need to be familiar with Monstergirl Trainer or the world it is set in to jump right in with this fun, sexy, tale of rivalry, glory and monstergirls!

As with all of Natalie’s books, Monstergirl Battles League contains some seriously steamy scenes as well as all the other action, so consider yourself warned!

Cover art and exit illustration are by the author

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