The Hunt Continues.
Infected Villainesses are spreading throughout the country.

It will be up to Michael, now known as ‘The Mantium’ to balance his heroism and find the infected, curing them of their villainy.
But when a new strain of the virus is on the rise, one that feeds on villainesses themselves, it will be up to Mantium and his harem of heroines to decide:Either join the villainesses or live long enough to see the mankind perish.

Warning: The Supervira Series is a superhero cerebral action/adventure filled to the brim with swearing, adult themes, a building of a harem, zany characters, punishing puns, atrocious alliteration, and pulse-pounding peril. Click download now to read this new take on the superhero series harking back to gritty superhero movies and Super Villain movies of old.

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