NEVER split the party …

Tyrfing is both the key to success in Terry Mack’s quest to destroy the Dust Lord, and a death sentence for any template foolish enough to go after the cursed blade.

With Baba Yaga prophesying doom should he pursue the weapon himself, Terry is compelled by his lovers and companions to allow Yuri to retrieve the sword instead while he moves to secure the tiger kin and bring them home.

Yet Terry arrives to find every male of the tribe missing, captured by a monster with strange, hypnotic powers. Faced with an antagonist who can vanish without trace at will, Terry struggles to find some way to force a confrontation before the people he was charged to keep safe are lost forever.

Meanwhile Yuri finds that the area around Svartheim has been devastated, its people slaughtered, and the one clue he has to their disappearance is an ominous note naming the dungeon as both the source of the destruction, and the birthplace of a warlord known as Halfrekkr …

Warning: This book does not pan to waving curtains and fade to black. Those uninterested or under the age of eighteen are strongly warned of explicit content.

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