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Harem GameLit Highlight: Syn City Legends

Cormac’s life used to be about racing hover cycles and partying on orbital stations. Fighting Syndicate sponsored assassins, uncovering ancient alien technology, and hiding his identity from Luna’s authorities are rather recent additions to his list of priorities.

He’s not alone, but that doesn’t make his life any simpler. Kiera, the exotic Earth maiden more versed in shooting a bow on horseback than riding in the passenger seat of a speeder. Mal, his childhood friend turned famous linestream actress. Nova, the cyborg killer who knows far more than she’s letting on.

With the help of his father’s legacy, Cormac has become more than he once was. Whether his newfound power leads him down a righteous path or a more interesting one remains an open question.

WARNING: This novel contains graphic sex scenes and adult situations.

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