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Harem Series Complete: Death’s Mantle

Everything is about to change for Lucian North.

With a series of death dates looming, Lucian needs to get creative to save his brother and his family.

He will have to call upon his friends and former foes to get the job done, which will open him up to more complications, Lucian plunging head first into issues that have been plaguing the Progenies of Light and Death for thousands of years.

Lucian will have to get creative, and there will come a point where he will have to get ruthless.

The sudden passing of someone close to him leaves Lucian in a tailspin, only exacerbated by a confession he’s made that rocks the very foundation he is building.

Picking up the pieces, Lucian has no other choice but to move forward, to level up once and for all, and to kill the parasite that plagues his brother and has extended itself to his family.

Or lose it all. Because that is what is at stake here. With one false move, Lucian risks not only his family, not only the lives of those he cares for in the spiritual realm, but also his very existence.

Death’s Mantle is a dark fantasy novel that LitRPG, metaphysical fantasy and sci-fi readers will love. Death’s Mantle is written by Harmon Cooper, bestselling GameLit author of Way of the Immortals, House of Dolls, Cherry Blossom Girls, The Feedback Loop and Monster Hunt NYC. It was inspired by the anime Parasyte, the comic book series Sandman and SpawnOn a Pale Horse and the Tibetan Book of the Dead. This is the third and final book in the series.

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