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What would you do if you found out there was a 25th hour?

A time when all the rules of the physical world you’ve always known slip away, allowing the things that live in the shadows to come out and play? 

Kai Laughlin, an elite law enforcement diver, discovers the truth about the liminal hour after rescuing a beautiful, enigmatic woman named Celine from a harbor. Saving her life is only the beginning, however, as Kai discovers that Celine is being hunted by a race of mythological creatures that want what she has: parts of a machine called the Numinous that regulates the delicate balance between light and dark; this world and the next.

Going on the run, Kai is forced to discover powers he never knew he had, develop a harem of sexy women, and team up with mythological creatures, and a potty-mouthed mage in the body of a cat in order to help Celine and her friends defeat the lord of darkness and save the world. 

Questions you might have:
Will there be a cool story with lots of fantastical beasts like elves, selkies, sexy kitsune, hundred-handed Hecatoncheires, and all kinds of crazy action? Check! 
Will there be hot mythological women and monster girls? Check, check! 
Will there be spicy times involving our hero and said women? Damn straight! 

If you’re a harem junkie or a fan of movies like Bright and National Treasure, reimagined by Cinemax of course, then this is the book for you! Pick it up today!

WARNING: I’m not a huge fan of fades to black, so would it surprise you to learn that this book’s intended for those over the age of 18 who like over-the-top action, hot warrior women and monster girls, cool snarky characters, and lots of haremy (yes, that’s a real word) adult situations? Probably not, so if you like those things, and I’m guessing you do, get ready for Liminal (A Company of Monsters – Book 1).

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