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3 New Harem GameLit Releases

Future Reshaped: A Post-Apocalyptic Harem (Future Reborn Book 3)

Jack Bowman never leaves a job unfinished.

When Jack and the girls discover a cache of cutting edge technology, he– and his women– will use it to explore the grim landscape of an ever-growing world.

On a reconnaissance flight over open desert, a chance encounter will reveal that there is a lot more to the planet than he expected. Among these discoveries, a mysterious woman waits for him in a place hidden for nearly two thousand years. With his gun, sword, and wits, Jack must find a lost people, plan for an imminent war, and reclaim what is rightfully his.

In order to survive the future, it must be reshaped.

Warning This book contains beautiful women, mature themes, and unapologetic violence.

Wolf Blade: Chains of the Vampire

The Vampire Queen of Black Tear, is she friend, foe, or something else entirely?

Rothan pleads with King Albrecht to free him from captivity. Hordes of fell creatures march on the cold land of Skald, and only he can find the way to stop them.

But after a twist of fate, Rothan is taken aboard an imperial ship, taken to the island of Black Tear, a place so cursed that the sun never touches it, a place where minds are flayed, where bodies are torn apart and rearranged like playthings.

This is to be Rothan’s fate.

But perhaps he can find some way to bargain for his life. For all beings, even vampires, are bound by chains, chains of one kind or another…

Warning: This book contains detailed harem elements.

Hazard Online 2: Revenge

Action. Adventure. Women. Lots of wonderful, maddening women. It would be an ideal world, an ideal life after what happened during the last few weeks… Except for the part where the local Overmind wants to both make my life a living nightmare and an unparalleled paradise. What is there not to like?

READ  Harem GameLit Highlight: Power Fantasy 2

Despite the situation we found ourself in and having to get used to our new life, all I needed were Scarlet and Katya. But it wouldn’t be interesting if a single day could go by without the cosmic order kicking you in the nuts. Goddesses, tournaments, epic boss fights and infinite odds stacked against our unique group are just the beginning. Whatever! Bring it on!

The next installment of the series gives you more of everything. More women, more fights, more action, more intrigue, and madness. Fans of the first book and newcomers alike will have plenty to get lost in, as both the majesty and sadism of Hazard’s world draws them in. 

Warning: This book contains explicit sex, many expletives, crazy amounts of violence, and badass women. Read at your own risk, or pleasure 😀

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