In a world where war would result in complete annihilation, proxy war by simulation is the new way.

When a Marine turned video gamer is recalled for the world’s first virtual war, he learns the sim has been hacked. What follows is a crazy adventure of one Marine searching for survivors, battling mechs, and finding abnormalities in the sim that tie back to his old-school days as a gamer. His only help comes in the form of three badass warrior ladies, and two of them are characters from his favorite games.

It’s up to him and his new friends to win this war or die trying.

Note: This audiobook has a lot of death but a lot of fun. Be prepared for chaos and mayhem one minute, silly old-school game references the next (think RampartSeiken Densetus 2, etc.), and team building in a harem style. It’s possibly the weirdest audiobook to which you’ve ever listened. For fans of Ready Player One and consumers of GameLit.

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