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Harem GameLit Audiobook Highlight: Enhancer 5

Sometimes, it’s not the hero who is most at risk. Sometimes, it’s the people he loves.

A superpower villain is targeting Ty, and he has turned his apartment building into a ruin. Ty has no idea if his friend and roommate still lives, and he will do everything in his power to save him. But that’s only the start. The villain’s plans for Ty and those he loves will change their lives forever.

The Enhancer series was written to entertain. If you’re looking for a fun listen, you’ve come to the right place.

Warning and minor spoilers: This is book five in the series. You know what they’re like by now. 18+, sex, violence, and nudity, all tastefully done. It includes a harem, very light gamelit elements, occasional bad language, and is set in a cyberpunk alternate future. You have been warned.

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