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Harem GameLit Audiobook Highlight: Sketch 2

Every man has problems. It turns out…gods have even more!

I was living the high life, enjoying the powers of my cosmic sketchbook, when everything fell apart. There was a cosmic battle at the museum of history where I actually drew all kinds of epic warriors into existence.

I barely managed to destroy that cosmic horror in the sky…but at a heavy price. My beautiful priestess fell into a coma, and the authorities were after me, since I gave my secret away in that very public battle for the fate of LA. Everything was lost.

So, I did what any red-blooded Regular Joe would do: I drew a giant space station into existence, fled to outer space, pumped my body full of artificial adrenaline to keep myself awake for three months straight and plotted.

Now, it’s time I return to LA and set things right. This time, nothing’s going to stop me from creating everything I’ve ever wanted with my magic sketchbook!

Warning: This audiobook contains explicit language, explicit action, explicit everything. Adults only, all that jazz. If you’re a precious snowflake, this audiobook is a friggin’ flame thrower.

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