Grab your ax.

Charge your core.

Bash some skulls.

Logan Sharpe’s life has been a disaster, but that’s finally going to change. As soon as Incessant Technologies heard about his situation, they knew he would be the perfect fit for their new game. Only catch? Once he goes in, there’s no coming back. Without hesitation, he signs the paper and enters the new VRMMORPG world of Exodus Online as a Star Child. As an extra incentive, Logan is given a chance to become what he’s never been before. Something unique, something powerful.
Abandoning his old name to go with one that suits his new body, Necro is ready to start over. To face his new reality, Necro must learn to survive in a dangerous, unforgiving world. Even with the help of two daring women at his side, how will he fare while exploring deadly dungeons, facing power-hungry leaders, and leveling his new body?

The only certainty is this: Logan is dead, but Necro has risen.

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