4 Amazing Novels. Over 350,000 words, 1,400 pages, and 35+ hours of audio! Get it now and save over 50%!

Immerse yourself in a world of strong men and the beautiful women who adore them.

From Dragon Lords and Greek Gods to Dungeon Masters and Barbarian Kings. Whether you’re an avid harem fan or just want to spice up your sci-fi and fantasy habit, Dangerous Playmates from Black Forge Books brings battle babes and bad boys together in an explosive boxed set you’ll pick up again and again. You’ll get four amazing novels from three Bestselling authors, and you might just find your next favorite series!

Included in this boxed set:

Denver Fury: American Dragons Book 1 by Aaron Crash

War God’s Mantle: Ascension by Aaron Crash and James Hunter

Dungeon Bringer 1 by Nick Harrow

Barbarian Outcast: Princesses of the Ironbound 1 by Aaron Crash

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