Fight for Honor. Tame Wildling Girls. Bring the World to its knees.

Nick is coming off a rough breakup, looking to find solace in video games like he always does, he picks up a VR game on impulse: Fantasy Tamer Online.

Once in the game, he will get to experience things he’d only dreamt of. Bloody combat, intense romance, total domination of both his enemies and his romantic conquests. His companions, Nara, the Norse farm girl ,Laura, a stuck-up White Guard lieutenant,Atalia, the naughty savage tribe leader and Nyx, the depraved assassin have already joined his mission.

Nothing stands in his way to his ultimate goal: the White Queen.

Fantasy Tamer Online is a new LitRPG Harem series by John Harem. Join Nick as he unravels the mysteries of this new, exciting world, its women and the truth behind the Taigo Corporation. It features themes of alpha male domination, harem romance and swordfights.

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