Monster girls, vampire sorcerers, and dungeon cores to discover!

Athanasios is forced to work in a glorified arcade until he receives an invitation in his mailbox to try a new game. Instead of an exciting and great new adventure, he is tricked and transferred to a world where goblins plague the villages, dragons tear down cities, and adventurers try to loot dungeons.

Trying to find a way out, he’s turned into a Vampire Sorcerer. Condemned into a lifetime of trouble, Athanasios is dragged into a war with vampire slayers, ghoul infested dungeons, and wizards from all over the continent. Fortunately, he attracts the company of a bloodthirsty vampiress, a seductive ragdoll, and a nerdy wizard girl to help him in his quest.

Vampire Sorcerer is a fantasy LitRPG inspired by vampire games and novels such as “Castlevania” and “Vampire Hunter D.”

Warning: The novel contains LitRPG, ISEKAI and Light Novel elements, adult situations with monster girls, graphic violence, mind blowing scenes, a lustful vampire and sizzling hot wizards. Join the adventure as Athanasios goes from being little more than a pet to overpowered in his journey to become the ultimate Vampire Sorcerer.

Update: More illustrations than ever! Edited, proofed, and probably still some errors. We are constantly working to better our story and thank you for sticking with us.

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