I present Aspirant 2! Bigger, longer, and uncut. The book. I mean the book. MMO action. Obscure pop culture jokes. Popular pop culture jokes. Memes. At least one pointless Witcher reference. And, of course, all the usual sex and violence you expect from a Maxx book. Thanks for reading! 

Maxx Whittaker

Lifestream™: Live to Play, Play to Win

A hero and his harem, a digital game of survival, and zero respawns.
Level up…or lose everything.

There’s just one little obstacle to staying alive: Virtually all the four-hundred million other players.
Sam and the girls are about to discover that in the Threvian’s addictive MMO there is no winning, just a no-holds 24/7/365 digital existence.

Lifestream is an endless open-world fantasy where time-in-queue is the only consequence for a pacified population, for everyone but Sam and his Aspirant team. Consciousnesses without physical forms, death in-game is game-over in the real world for our heroes. Sam and the Crew must work harder than ever to outrun the Aspirant program’s consequences.

With Sam’s only focus on escaping this digital prison, he’s missed a crucial asset that could change the fortunes of one lucky faction: Sam himself.

Sam’s Aspirant gifts are a powerful weapon for guilds vying to turn Lifestream to their advantage. Sam will make friends and enemies of fearful wizards, space pirates, and cyber-brothel madams. He may even survive the betrayal of an ally. But can he outwit Lifestream’s guilds to keep his life and become its first champion?

Warning! Aspirant 2 contains graphic sexy times of the regular and monster girl variety. It also contains memes, cussing and cheesy references!

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