Yesterday you were a bartender. Today you’re a battlemage.

Jack’s family is famous. One of his brothers is a powerful mage. The other is a legendary warrior. Jack…is a bartender.

He didn’t inherit the same powers as his brothers, so he works at the local bar and lives an easy life. But meeting a hot-as-hell witch changes everything.

She’ll teach him how to cultivate his powers and become a battlemage, and she’ll even pay him for it. Talk about a promotion! But aside from casting awesome spells, he has a job to do.

An entire academy full of jaw-dropping women need his protection. Turns out that they have a dangerous secret, and only a battlemage can keep them safe.

He used get paid by the hour, but now he gets paid by the spell.

Contains hot adult scenes, a slow burn harem, and tons of magical action.

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