City-wide Power Outages, Undercover Recon In Enemy Territory And A Legendary Egg…

If it wasn’t traumatic enough seeing Starry – Yoshi Soysauce’s interstellar-type girlfriend – get swallowed up by an avalanche, watching the Legendary ice angel Angelika and the freak-of-nature Xark’s battle to the death sure was.

He can’t afford to keep getting involved in dangerous side quests, especially since Angelika left him her egg to look after. He leaves the funnest, wettest city in Ohno for the next town, determined to stay out of trouble.

In the tall grass outside Citrine City where Sergeant Marcus Zap is the gym leader, a delirious electric-type escaping from sinister captors begs Yoshi for help. Moments after his girlfriends knock her out, a man in a suit appears asking him if he’s seen an electric-type on the run.

Yoshi’s answer to this question is the difference between him leading the carefree trainer’s life he so craves and being caught in the crossfire between two powerful organisations wrestling for control of a power plant where hundreds of girlfriends’ lives are at stake.

(Be warned: Book 3 is darker than 1 and 2. Along with the usual hot and heavy sex scenes involving our happy-go-lucky MC and his party/harem, there is violence involving a flaming arachnogirl, death and gore.)

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