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Harem GameLit Highlight: Chronosphere

How far would you go to stop your oppressors?
For Anton, the answer is 873 years in the past.

The Draconians have infiltrated every facet of human society. The shapeshifting reptilians have occupied the city-state of Jagari for as long as anyone can remember, and one thing is certain: the humans are powerless against them.

But Anton has a secret weapon. The robotics expert has spent months building a machine in his basement- the chronosphere. If he can’t stop them in the present, he’ll have to go back in time to where it all began, to when the Draconians first landed on the planet Androna. With a little help from his sexy android partner, an adventurous princess, and a voluptuous court scribe, Anton is going to have to make his way through medieval Jagari to end the Draconians’ reign of terror before it ever begins.

Chronosphere is a sexy hybrid fantasy/sci-fi adventure that will get your blood pumping in more ways than one. For adult readers only. This book contains harem elements.

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