Loot! Booty! Death?!?
The only bad part of being trapped in a virtual reality role-playing game is the risk of dying. It’s way too easy to forget about the danger while surrounded by hot, sexy women willing to satisfy my every desire.

Except for my warrior. She seems about ready to kill me most of the time.

So now, I have two goals.

Enjoy my nights frolicking with the bombshells in my harem.

Convince my warrior to join in the fun.

Oh, I guess I have one more goal: Stay alive because if I die in the game I die for real.

Hopefully, we’ll find a way to destroy the machines that are generating the monsters before the monsters destroy us.

The best way for my women and me to survive and thrive in this hard world is to come together. Often.

Learning to fight as one probably wouldn’t hurt, either.

I’m looking forward to all the juicy practice.

WARNING: This book contains an active harem and the explicit, kinky love scenes that make them so much fun. Consider yourself warned.Coming Together is the first book in the Loot and Booty series.

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