New Harem GameLit Release: Corruption Lord Series

Class? The Bad Guy. Powers? Turn gorgeous women into hot demons who serve me. Mission? Build a harem that can conquer the world, then conquer it!

Craig Jackson was on his way to start a new life overseas when his plane went down over the Pacific. Instead of dying, he wakes up in tower filled with cultists in the middle of an arcane ritual: the summoning of their dread God, the Corruption Lord.
When they see him instead, they think he’s the answer to their prayers.

Now Craig is trapped in a fantasy world, hunted by an order of gorgeous female warriors dedicated to slaying him before he can regain his powers. To survive, he’ll have to bind women to him in dark rituals that transform them into beautiful demons with magical powers. As his harem grows, so does his powers – and if he wants to survive a world that wants him dead, he’s not just going to have to get powerful. He’ll have to turn seriously evil.

He’s not the Corruption Lord. But he just might have to become him…

Disclaimer: Corruption Lord contains harems, conquest, and a protagonist who loves both. If you’re not into hot monster girls, naughty succubi and explicit content, this might not be for you.

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