New Harem GameLit Release: Dragon Throne of Elysia (Book 3)

Alex vows to put Thaleia on the Dragon Throne…

…But two usurper armies stand between them and victory.

And then Alex gets himself killed. Again. Have his problems just begun?

Alex’s family of beautiful women breaks apart upon his death, his lovers scattering to the winds, but he made a promise to Princess Thaleia.

Alex returns, and the Lion Roars…

As he gathers his lost ladies, Alex pushes into the enemy controlled territory. He faces evil slavers, pirates, and wild, wicked women. They fight on the ground with sword, bow, and spell, and in the sky with flying ships and dragons.

And then he crosses paths a beautiful elven ranger, and everything changes again.

Alex will do anything for the women of his pride, his harem. And they will do anything for their Lion, their Lord and Master.

You’ll love this fun Portal Fantasy novel, because the twists, turns, and wild adventures will keep you turning the pages.

Enjoy the entire Adventures on Elysia series:
Barbarian of Elysia
Pirates of Elysia
Dragon Throne of Elysia

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